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THE LOVE PAGE is a place where all revelations and kind expressions from family practice members can find a loving home. Here at Healing Hands we offer the deepest respect to all that walk through our doors, we love our community and we strive to offer the highest quality of care always. Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. (510) 798-0759

I was a skeptic; didn’t believe that a mere Chiropractic exam and adjustment would do a thing. Well, I was wrong!
After 3 auto accidents and a life well lived I feel like a 25 year old again!
I never knew that my body was making adjustments to counteract the tissue damage and lack of skeletal alignment. I am pain free! Dr. Sheila is not your average Chiropractor.
~ Roberta L.
I feel great! I haven’t needed my braces since I left Dr. Sheila’s office!
~ MaryAnne K.
After my first treatment, I felt like I was in a younger, energetic & more flexible body! WOW!
~ Agnes F.
Big skeptic is an understatement; but changed my mind after my first appointment with Dr. Sheila.
Two years ago I had a hip replacement surgery and seemed pain free for a year. Then my thigh and back began with soreness that wasn’t there before; which led to year of full on pain that was misdiagnosed as sciatica.
I went into my appointment with 7 out of 10 in pain and left with 0 out of 10; pain free. I’m a believer in Dr. Sheila.
~ Lee L.
At the end of my work day, in the fall, I was drained and unable to walk properly. With the treatments and focused work of Doctor Sheila I now have energy at the end of the day and my body feels much more capable. I am now fully out of that extreme pain and I feel freedom in my body. I have much gratitude for Doctor Sheila’s amazing, healing hands!!!
~ Sherry H., MFA
ASL Interpreter/ Entertainer/ Teacher
I believe Dr. Sheila’s technique is awesome. I am more flexible and more capable. I went from pressing 25 lb. dumbbells (in a lot of pain) to 50 lbs. no problem. I am now able to hold and manage my tools better for work. I am grateful and I think everyone can benefit from and feel better with Dr. Sheila!
~ Ted M. San Leandro Plumber/Business Owner
I always feel great after an appointment, and leave the office walking taller and feeling lighter.
~ Sherri S.